Since 1994 we provide our guests with luxury and reliable homes all over Chania, Crete. Specializing in luxury stone houses and villas we can fulfill all your dreams. 

We also specialize in House renovations and restorations in Crete, as we embody our passion for preservation our local culture and turning it into a contemporary stone home of marvelous design. 

Our home and property renovations projects include, but are not limited to : 

  • Renovations on specific house areas 
  • Additions to your property (i.e : Swimming Pool, Insulation, Proofing etc.) 
  • Small refurbishements on house emergencies (i.e: Plumbing, Electricity, Sewage etc)
  • Full Scale home renovations – Transformation into a luxury villa in Crete 
house renovation in Chania Crete- sea view homes - Kyriakidis Construction Company
Sea view villa- construction company in Crete
Stone buildings renovations in Chania



A renovated home in Crete may be your lush retreat from daily life. Let the expertise of our construction company in Greece elevate your life: Renovate  your home and give added value to your property in Chania

Bring back to life memories, connect with the past and highlight the best aspects of your property with a successful full house restoration! 

Home Construction in Chania- Renovation and Reconstruction of Homes in Crete

House Restorations in Crete

Why should you consider refurbishing your old home in Crete with the expertise of our construction company 

Friendly to the environment

Excellent Know- How with decades of home restoration experience

Requires less raw materials

Low maintenance costs

Significantly cheaper that new homes for sale 

Respecting the folklore and tradition of Crete

Adjust current house planning according to your needs

Faster to conclude

Better Value for Money option

Sentimental value for homeowners who renovate their old stone house in Crete 

Long term investment and tourist utilization opportunity

Renovations is a modern trend in Europe, called Renovation Wave 

buy, construct or renovate your house in crete with us

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