Vamos Apokoronas

Land 912m2
Property 182m2
Bedrooms 3
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From the garden entrance on the first floor (upper level), we enter the main house, which has a total area of 96.92 square meters. To our right, there’s the fully customized kitchen, crafted from solid wood upon order from the Italian factory SCAVOLINI. It’s equipped with a corner extractor hood resembling a fireplace, a large double-door LG refrigerator, a Sharp microwave oven, a built-in oven, stove tops, and a NEF dishwasher. There’s a square table with 4 chairs and a double window overlooking the garden. To the left, there’s the dining room with traditional solid wood furniture, including a table, six chairs, a large buffet, and a double window with a view of the garden. The next space is the living room, which has a view of the pool and the village, with a stone fireplace in the right corner. To the left of the living room, there are two spacious bedrooms. The main bedroom has its own bathroom and balcony with a view of the garden. The second bedroom has a separate large bathroom with an LG washing machine and a view of the pool. Both bedrooms have built-in closets, double beds, two bedside tables, and a wooden-framed mirror. The bedrooms and bathrooms have wooden doors. In all the rooms, there are screens, and the external and internal frames are made of aluminum with a wood-like finish, double glazing, and insulation. The floor is heated with oil radiators and modern technology cold and hot air-conditioning units. The front door is a security door, locking at 13 points on the frame, and has an external screen.

  1. On the ground floor (lower level), there is first a closed garage with an area of 19.25 square meters. It has its own electrical panel and a garage door that can be operated with a remote control. There is a side security door, two windows with aluminum frames to the right and left of the door, all with a wood-like finish, double glazing, screens, and insulation.
  2. Adjacent to the garage, there is a continuous space (a studio apartment) with an area of 20.48 square meters. It has its own electrical panel and consists of a kitchen with an extractor hood, built-in hobs, a small Bosch refrigerator, a double bed with two nightstands, and built-in wooden wardrobes. It has its own bathroom with a water heater and a window with an external frame, screens, and shutters. There is a security door with an external screen and a double window with an external frame, screens, and shutters, all made of aluminum with a wood-like finish and insulation.
  3. Adjacent to the studio apartment, on the same level, there is a spacious storage area with an area of 41.52 square meters. This space houses the pool machinery room, the three-phase electrical panel of the pool machinery, the overflow tank, the central heating boiler, the 1,200-liter capacity oil tank, the emergency generator (Honda brand), and the water pressure booster motor (Grundfos brand). The door to this space is also a security door.
  4. The pool has dimensions of 9×4 meters (36 square meters) and is equipped with a water pressure jacuzzi and LED lighting on both sides. The pool is sanitized using an electronic machine that produces natural chlorine (Electronic Natural Chlorine Production Machine). There are two stainless steel ladders, one in the shallow end and one in the deep end of the pool. The depth of the pool is 1.30 meters on one side and 2.40 meters on the other. One of the long sides of the pool is protected by stainless steel railings and double safety glass to prevent accidents.
  5. Additionally, there is a solar shower and a metal cabin, as well as a changing area for guests after their swim. All the necessary tools for pool maintenance and measuring chlorine and pH levels are also available.
  6. From the side staircase, you can access the rooftop terrace, which offers a stunning view. To the right, you can see the sea and the Souda Bay, and to the left, there’s a panoramic view of the White Mountains that extends all the way through late spring. The terrace has an area of 50 square meters. On the terrace, there is also a solar water heater with a capacity of 160 liters of water. Additionally, there is a storage room on the terrace with dimensions of 11.5 meters in length and 1.35 meters in height.
  7. In case of a water supply interruption for a few days, the powerful Grundfos pump can draw water from an underground tank with a capacity of 15 cubic meters and supply water to homes and gardens with autonomy for up to 10 days. This setup ensures that you have a backup water source to rely on during water disruptions.
  8. Each space is protected by an advanced alarm system. The three exterior areas have projectors (projector lights) that can be activated by switches located on the central electrical panel on the upper floor and remotely through a mobile application. Additionally, there are four wireless IP cameras (two outside and two inside) that can be remotely monitored and controlled through a mobile application. These security features enhance the safety and monitoring capabilities of the property.
  9. All the interior and exterior spaces are illuminated with state-of-the-art LED bulbs. The floors of all areas, including the garage, basement, and terrace, are covered with high-quality tiles. Additionally, all the pathways, including the large hallway leading to the garage, are paved with Karystos stone slabs.
  10.  According to the building permit, there is an additional 18 square meters of construction allowance available. This provides the opportunity for future expansion or modifications to the property, if desired.

All areas are accessible for people with disabilities.

area description

Project Location:

Vamos is a traditional village in the prefecture of Chania, Crete.

It is one of the most picturesque destinations in the region. The village preserves the traditional Cretan architecture, with cobbled streets, stone houses and paved courtyards, offering a unique atmosphere. Vamos is close to the magnificent beaches of the Cretan Gulf, such as the sandy beaches of Almyrida and Kalyva, which have been awarded the “Blue Flag”. In Vamos and the surrounding villages you will find traditional tavernas serving delicious Cretan dishes. The area is full of sights and monuments including churches and archaeological statues such as Agos Nikolaos, the National Historical Museum and the Vamos Traditional Arts Centre.

Vamos offers a unique experience for those who want to get in touch with the nature and culture of Crete. It is the ideal place to combine holidays.

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