Technical Standards

Our companies stone homes are something else. These buildings typify our skill, our love of this island and the local materials.
We apply a lot of skill and knowledge that we then pass on from generation to generation, from tradesman to tradesman.
I am blessed with all these things as I live in a beautifull village myself full of stone built homes. In this village lived some of the best stone and wood craftsmen.
And so we learnet the secret of stone, we fell in love with stone houses and we are particularly sensitive towards them.
We now build stone homes using these time old techniques that have been passed on down, with stones and materials from this same land. We build them in such a way where they harmoniuously blend in with their surrounds, buildings that will have no troubles in the passage of time.

It is now time to familiarise you with our basic stone builds, where we will describe our materials and techniques in visual form. Welcome to world of our buildings!

Basic specifications of a stone house:
  1. Excavations
  2. Foundations and basement
  3. Wall masonry
    • Stone walls
    • Stone arches
    • Internal walls
  4. Plumbing installation
    • Installation of Drainage
    • Bathroom fixtures
    • Installation of electric or solar hot water heating
  5. Electrical installation
    • Central heating
  6. Flooring
    • Ground floor construction
    • First floor construction
    • Staircases
  7. Roofing
    • Construction of the roof
    • Proofing
    • Ceiling beams
  8. Windows and doors