Preperation of the Stone

After extracting the stone from the quarry, it is screened for quality. This check contributes greatly to the overall quality of the material. The stone is then cut down to the appropriate size and transported to the treatment area. At this stage the stone undergoes a second quality check and the first stage of processing begins.

According to the size and quality of the stone it is then categorised. Here the stone is ready to be used as a construction material where it undergoes one more final quality check.

The stones are then divided according to the orders, and any leftover stones are warehoused for future use.


Since the Stone Age to the very present, stone was and is the chief building material used in building walls. The most architectural significant buildings in all civilisations have been built with stone. Such as the Acropolis of Greece, castles and fortifications around the world, whole towns and villages, monuments, towers from the middle ages thought Europe.

Stone, with its natural beauty, comes in a variety of colours, texture, detail and finishes, offers a great array of choises in design.