Economical Build & Delivery Dates.

Even though the timber is imported as opposed to concrete which is produced locally, timber still holds economic advantages over conventional homes. To build a conventional home you need to use a lot of disposable materials that are temporary and do not remain on the finished product. Cement for example needs to be cast in a mold which is then removed once the cement sets. This wastes material and time. In contrast, all the timber that is used in construction remains as a permanent part of the build. Therefore costs are kept low by saving time and effort.

One of the chief reasons for an increased demand in timber homes as opposed to a conventional build is the cost of timber as opposed to cement and steel used to support the cement. In particular Crete has seen a large increase in these materials over the last two years. This has led to an increase in interest for timber housing. According to international studies the demand for timber will steadily increase at least til 2010.

The required time to deliver a timber house is approximately 4 months from order, regardless of the size of the build.