Our Aim

The principal aim of our company is to build stone and timber homes on our own land or the land of your choice. We also aim to combine this with the lowest possible cost to the customer. We treat every building as unique entity with its own characteristics and demands, and we combine it with the right choice of materials and suppliers. This enables us to achieve the best result.

In our endeavour, we obtain all the necessary permits and heed to all industry standards and buildings laws, which allows our objectives to bee met in a timely fashion with quality guaranteed. Upon ordering a house, the contract will include the quality standards, the cost of the house and the terms of the work.

In terms of the construction of all our projects, one of our company officials oversees the construction throughout, takes care of the logistics of the build, and ensures the quality of production and supports of the team.

Our construction crew make use the most up to date equipment to ensure the correct working of modern materials.