The walls will be built using naturally occurring stones. The thickness will be 50cm. Irregularly sized stones will be “hand-crafted” rectangularly, according to custom and skill, and also according to the laws of science.

The edges of the walls and the edges of the cavities (for doors and windows) will be lined with right angled crafted stones where at least two sides will be parallel.  If there are arches in the design, these arches, will be built using geometry specific crafted stones, with a thickness of 50cm or at least as thick as the rest of the wall. All windowsills and door skirts will be made using reinforced concrete.

All wall joints will be sealed using a special sealant for optimum isolation and soundproofing.

The walls will then be cleaned, washed and coated throughout.

Internal walls

a) Internal walls that are not made of stone will be made of bricks that are 9cm thick

b) Plaster will be applied to the internal walls. It will have a consistency one part quarried sand, 0.3 parts lime reinforced with 100kg cubic meter ready plaster. All wall joints will use reinforced concrete.