Our Stone

In a beautiful part of Crete, in the Apokoronas area, in the lovely town of Vrises, you will find the quarry our company chooses for its stones.
Here we conduct the extraction and the processing of the stone. We use time-tested methods to perform this extraction, which closely resembles the practices of primitive times. The nature of stone is both identifiable yet unpredictable, it is a product of nature that cannot be replicated and there are no set rules in its formation.

There are a lot of variables when it comes to processing the stone. The variances need to be assessed expertly. Although stone has can be classified geologically, however this cannot guide one when assessing the stone to be used on a house, a process that takes years of experience to learn.
Despite all this, the process of transforming the stone into a building material follows certain guidelines that can be applied to all different types of stone. Even though some of the processing can be performed mechanically, an experienced mason can still transform the stone into a suitable style for the building.

What is common knowledge is that stone can be differentiated according to its geographical location, and that it can either be scattered through out the surface of the land or more likely mined in quarries. With perseverance and patience, we use time honoured traditional techniques in mastering the stone, which have pride of place in Crete. We zealously enjoy transforming this local material into modern buildings while maintaining a traditional feel.
Our stones, which have a natural beauty all of there own, come in a variety of colours. They are durable to both time and changes in temperature. They are versatile and offer thermal resistance. Hence they rank as an excellent material with many uses i.e. stone houses, paving, roofing, flooring, stone fixtures, transformation of internal and external surfaces, etc