Freedom of Choice

Typically, timber houses are custom build. The flexibility in design as per the size, the shape, the number of floors in the overall construction plan is astounding. Designs can vary as to the materials used. You can construct cylindrical or multi-angled features of the house; a great variety of choice and customisation exists.

The quality of our buildings is second to none.  Due to our technical knowledge, great design skills and our attention to detail, diligence and care of our professional crew, we are clearly the leaders in the industry of timber buildings in all of Crete.

Our designers produce stylish houses that are fully functional to the needs of a family, and are involved in the whole process, from conception to final product.

Our design process begins with the preparation of your preliminary design concept. You can submit your own plans by using your own architect to be used as a design draft. Based on these draft plans we will be able to calculate the cost of the building. Once the plans have been agreed on with the customer, the final plans are prepared and are sent to our factory in Russia for the preparation of the timber.