Other Items

Timber Garages

A wooden garage can be custom built to suit the design of your house, utilising available space and using the right materials for the build and the mechanised door. Single, double and triple garage can be custom built to order.

Garden Sheds

Simple, sleek and unbelievably practical. A wooden garden shed is a very harmonious choice for the garden. Further more it provides the ever-increasing demand for extra space.

The roof is made using waterproofed plywood, with an asphalt wool finish, which is also waterproof and improves heat isolation.


A big, spacey, hexagonal pavilion is fantastic for entertaining guests and family. Fancy an outdoor party! The pavilion is great next to the pool or makes for a relaxing spot in the garden.

There are a mirad of finishes and additional items that can be included such as hanging flowerpots. The pavilions are available in almost all types of wood.


Our company also specialises in the manufacture of pergolas, using the appropriate materials such as wood, aluminium or steel. They can be covered with a special poli-carbon, roof tiles, bamboo etc. These pergolas can be incorporated with your house or garden to offer a perfect relaxation area. They come in all sizes and are totally weatherproofed.