The sauna is not exactly a modern invention. It had been with us for over 2000 years. It is a lifestyle choice with out needing to be expensive. The sauna has increased in popularity at sport and health clubs. The therapeutic qualities of the sauna have been known for over a century. A visit to a sauna offers deep relaxation and is known to soothe the nervous system and the muscles. It is a fantastic stress reliever, a detoxifier, positively affects our mood and invigorates the system.

A sauna is typically characterised by very hot air (as high as 90-100ºC) and very low humidity (as low as 10-15%). It works by altering between dry and near liquid air. This atmosphere assists in perspiration and detoxification of the skin.

The Russians are well known sauna worshipers where they spend endless hours with friends, where they engage in discussions and enjoy a bit of vodka. It is also customary in Russian tradition to hold dried out branches of certain types of trees, which they use to lightly beat each other with to improve circulation of the blood in such high temperatures.