Combination of Materials

Throughout the world you can find examples of architecture that combine wood with a myriad of other materials.

Trees can easily be processed using various treatments to create a high quality, consistent material.  It is for this reason that it is known as one of the most versatile building materials that can be used in multitude of architectural applications.

Timber house are perfect for any location be it seaside or mountain. Furthermore, it can be matched well with other materials. Stone, for example can be used in a house to create more expression. Combined with wood you can match a traditional Greek style of build with the best of Russian architecture.

Best results are achieved when you combine: wood with stone, wood with brick and wood with concrete. The latest word in style is big, open windows, little winter gardens, courtyards and external verandas.

Such use of a combination of materials allows more architectural freedom in the design of a house, in particular for external and internal walling.