Forrest Protection

The above statement may come as a surprise because in the common conscience, wood constructions are associated with the destruction of the forests. In fact the opposite is true.

Firstly we must distinguish between illegal and brigandish logging from legal logging which is scientifically controlled as in a accordance to horticulture and silviculture. The legitimate form of reforestation advocates the planting of more trees than those that are felled. Otherwise we would have a situation where the owner of the land would see his land downgraded and he would experience diminishing returns.

For a load of timber to be transported, it must be legal, especially when it comes to imports and exports, where the strictest national guidelines must be adhered. The timber is checked and certified suitable for export.

Imagine a forest owner in the same way you would imagine a farmer and his land. Such a farmer would be out of his mind if he did not use sustainable methods to bring in his crops year after year.

In practice the huge commercial chains have more links than the farmer, and thus need to ensure the sustainability of their resource.