ECO-friendly construction

Wood, ecologically speaking, is a clean gift of nature, which does no harm to the human organism. Quite the opposite in fact. The natural colours of the grain of wood positively influences our psychology, it calms the nervous system and assists in our recreation. A wooden home is one of the best constructions as the materials used are completely harmless to man. (i.e. organic varnishes)

In contrast to other building materials, wood “breathes”. Due to these attributes, wooden houses maintain a more constant coolness. They are on average 30%-40% cooler than other conventional building types.

Furthermore it provides good heat insulation with a low indolence to outside materials, which helps in the rapid heating of the space in winter, and a coolness in the summer months with very low energy usage.

The use of natural organic material, which comes from a renewable and expanding source, gives measure to an ECO-friendly construction, in harmony with man and his surroundings. It offers rational use of a sustainable natural resource.