Ideal Dwelling

The tree cannot live without its roots. So to a man with no roots , not aware of his history and loosing touch with the customs of his forefathers, looses the ability of creation. The tree symbolises the birth and continuum of Life.

Trees have a relaxing and calming affect. It gives the sense of a better quality of life. A wooden house feels more open than a conventional house. It comprises a different air, a different smell, you feel a different person in such a dwelling.

When someone decides to plant a tree, there is a philosophical connection in this act. In a sense that person connects with nature and wood represents this connection.

For its beauty, its aesthetic attributes, its ease of use and multitude of applications, we all share a positive view and feelings towards wood. Notwithstanding its physical attributes, its thermal and sound proofing qualities, as well as its endurance in time and weathering, it is proven that a timber house is an ideal home.

The tree is able to inspire us blesses us with its unique energy.
The traditional built house puts you in a tranquil frame of mind, where from time to time you want to dive right in and immerse yourself and leave behind the hustle and bustle of the high rise living and the everyday life.

Enjoy the genuine pleasure of talking to nature. Bring the freshness of a Russian forrest into your life.